Hitting the dance music scene with a bang in 2016, Declan James is one of the freshest new talents to grace the charts. From his start as the youngest person to ever sign with the London based Trance/Progressive label "Enhanced Music", Declan has proved himself worthy of the position by producing a unique stylistic blend of Progressive and Electro sounds. Declan's success has taken him to new commercial fronts as a commercial composer for film studios and corporations alike. These companies include but are not limited to Chuck E. Cheese, A24, and more. 

Orion by Declan James was released on August 15th, 2016 by NYC based record label "Reboot Recordings". It has been listened to by a recorded number of over 37,000,000 people in over 100 different countries, and has been supported by over 200 radio stations worldwide. 

Written and Performed Declan Williamson using a Yahama CS-80.

Composed and Arranged by Declan Williamson. Recorded and Performed by Trevor Portiz using 4Front TruePianos.